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Tuesday, 28 May 2013 03:17

Girls, Girls, Girls!!!

As you all know the team has been working their butt off to prepare for Regionals and it’s almost game time. I have no idea how well we’ll do when the chips fall, but I couldn’t be prouder of this team.

With that said, I feel like I need to give a huge shout out to our ladies.  We have some bad ass ladies. They have a few chinks in their armor, just like the men.  But these girls are determined. Everyday they impress the hell out of me. So I can’t wait to see them dominate and continue to impress this weekend. I chose the picture above because it shows the ladies taking the reigns and leading us to victory. They are showing us men how to get it done.

Maegan has been like the mom of the group. She always makes sure we are on time and getting our work done. In the mornings it typically takes us some time to wake up and get moving. She lights the fire under our butts. She has also taken on a coaching role for the group. Keeping us accountable, tracks our progress, and keeping us prepared for the competition. Maegan is our alternate lady. I don’t know that there is any member on our team that has made more progress in the past year. I wish we could have 4 ladies competing at Regionals just so she could showcase what she can do. I think this next year will be her breakout year and we’ll see some special things from her.

Everyone knows Grace is good. She is clearly our best CrossFitter at CFE. But I’m pretty excited to find out just how good she is when she goes toe to toe with some of the elite. Ill be honest, a few months ago I would have told you Grace is good, but not on the same level as several other girls in our Region. In my mind she was a top 10 girl at Regionals. But that’s no longer the case. I have been super impressed with her recently. I feel that she is the only thing holding her back from a top 5 finish. With a little luck I think she can surprise us all and make top 3. So no pressure ;) But know that you are that good and have the ability to do great things. So attack the workouts and believe in yourself.

I think Brooke probably has the least desirable position on the team…. Her boyfriend’s teammate. I think working with a significant other can be challenging, and I’m no picnic. I see a lot of potential and good in her. So I push her harder than anyone else. When everyone else gets sunshine from me she gets my worst. So she has to have tough skin to be my teammate. I believe in her and think I know her ability better than she does. So I want to open her eyes to how great she can be and try to help her shine. Although I may not always do the best job of communicating that.

Sally is our cardio queen. When it comes to metcons there is no one else I’d rather have suit up with me. Regionals is formatted a little differently. Things get heavy and lots of skill is added. Sally was up for that challenge. For being such a little girl she packs some power. She seems to thrive after being told she can’t do something. Give her time and she will find a way and impress you. Last week she couldn’t do a muscle up. Now she can. Heavy squat cleans that were once a issue are now childs play. Cardio queen no more. Now she’s bring the heat.

Last but not least, Hailey. I think Hailey might have the most talent of our girls and has potential to show Grace a thing or two. Once she unlocks that potential watch out. She will be a force. A few years ago we competed together at Regionals and she seemed a little timid and unsure of herself. I think this year you will see a very different athlete competing. You will see someone hungry, confident, and ready to rock some people’s faces. I have the pleasure of doing my individual workout with Hailey. We continue to practice it and she continues to carry me. It’s pretty humbling for me, but it’s also awesome to watch her kick some tail. So Hailey know that you are freaking good and you haven’t even scratched the surface. Oh and thanks for carrying my weak butt on event 6.

So look out for our girls. They are going to make some waves. I love this team, the way we have gelled, the way everyone is so supportive, and the amazing things we continue to do together. 

This video shows the team working on the 30s workout. It’s a congo line. Each person has to do 30 wall balls, 30 chest to bar pull ups, 30 pistols and 30 one arm dumbbell snatches. You can’t start until the person in front of you starts the pistols.

Sunday, 26 May 2013 16:38

Wear Sunscreen

No workouts for the CFE team today. So I decide to take an "active" rest day being a lazy bum at the lake. Lots of tubing, swimming, lounging on the boat, etc. Man, these active rest days are rough ;) If I could only figure out a way to do this for a living. 

This video has just a few clips of the team working on event 7. Event 7 has all 3 guy and 3 girls doing rope climbs and squat cleans(225/135). Sorry about the quality. It was taken off a phone.

Saturday, 25 May 2013 03:14

CFE, Road to Regionals

My very first blog post. Yay!!!

As you all know, CrossFit Eclipse has several athletes qualified to compete in the 2013 CrossFit Regionals in Chicago.  Grace will be competing as an individual and CFE will also have a team competing.

The team has been working really hard and is excited to represent CFE in Chicago. Because most of our CFE family won’t be there in person to watch, I thought I’d bring the show to you.

We will have constant updates on Facebook and Twitter. We will try to post pictures and play by play action. Maegan and Josh will be tweeting their little hearts out.

As great as that is, I want to try and give you more. So I am going to try and post a daily blog about our experience. The blog will contain pics of the events, video of all our athletes dominating the WODs, and every experience along the way 

I hope to have video of Grace warming up, Josh trying to coach her, Kyle taking his ice baths, the athlete area and what happens back there, the tickle fights between Cody and Osas. I want to show you guys every step along the way, or at least plenty of video of Josh "coaching" Grace. Because that’s video gold!

So tonight’s post is just a teaser. I just wanted to give everyone a glimpse of what our athletes have been doing. The little video I have added is of a brief photo shoot we had of Grace and some of the team practicing OHS… enjoy. 


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