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Intramural Open 2022

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Friday Night Lights
Feb 25
5pm – 7:30pm
Disco Theme

Friday Night Lights
March 4
5pm – 7:30pm
Circus Theme

Friday Night Lights
March 11
5pm – 7:30pm
Eclipse Theme

How Does It Work?


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It’s only $20 to join the Gym Leaderboard.

RX | Scaled



You’ve been drafted!

The teams are posted at the gym, and you should have received an FB invite from your team captains. If you have any questions, please check in with the captains or one of the Coaches.

Team Captains:

Ashlyn P: Thicc & Quick
Andrew M: Team McLovins
Ashley H: Team Meat Truck



Points can be awarded for:
Completing each workout in whatever format Rx Scaled, etc… Showing up to cheer for your team & dress up for that weeks theme to get Team Spirit Points. Placing top three in your division. Earning points by judging.

Three Weeks | Three Teams | One Gym

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In the Intramural Open you contribute to your team every single week no matter your score. Go above and beyond in your spirit or performance and you will contribute even more. Most importantly, it’ll be the highlight of fun and community in our gym for Oct and Nov. Even if you aren’t competitive – no big deal – just be on a team and come down and cheer! Bring tons of spirit – and you might make the biggest point contribution in the gym!

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I haven't paid - how come I am on a team?

We draft and recruit everyone ahead of time, so you can participate if you choose. Captains are going to “recruit” you, to try and persuade you to join in.

And what's up with the teams?

We start with a 20 person draft. From people we know are doing the Open and have experience with the Open. From there teams start recruiting people to be on their teams.

Do I have to pay to play?

No – you can participate as usual in all the workouts, but your score (and any additional points) won’t count toward your team’s total.

What if I can't make the special workout days/times?

You can still join in – the gym will use the Open Workout for the all classes that day – although it will be more fun to do it in heats as a big group. We will have make-up/do-over days, and if you are traveling, you can video yourself doing the workout and submit for validation.

Scaled or RX?

You do not have to be a “beast” – The Open is for athletes anywhere in the world, at any stage of their journey. You can choose different options (scaled/RX) for each workout. The Intramural competition will track all points via the Leader Board.

When are the workouts announced?

Each workout and the movement standards are announced on Thursdays at 5:00pm. Final scores must be entered by Monday. We will post the workouts in the gym and via email. And you can check the Intramural Leaderboard at any time!

How do I score points?

As you can see, it’s not all about how fast or fit you are – it’s about showing up and throwing down! There are plenty of ways we can score points for our teams… 1 point: Competing for your team (show up for a WOD and do it – whatever version)

Judging at Friday Night Lights.

Placing top three in your chosen workout of the day. 1st place gets 3 points, 2nd gets 2 points, and 3rd gets 1 point.

5 Points: Spirit Award – for the team that shows the most spirit.

Where's the money going?

The fee to join in is $20 – We will be using the leaderboard system Echelon this year. That leaderboard will cost $250.

At the end of the Open we will host an all-gym BBQ & Pot Luck Grand Finale. Some of that will go towards food.

We plan on using some of the money to go towards equipment voted on by the winning team.

Will there be make-up or do-over days?

Yes – we will announce them each week.

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